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Most sellers can expect 1-3% of their annual revenue reimbursed. Sometimes Amazon are better at refunding reimbursements automatically and there is less to recover, rest assured whatever they have missed RefundPros will recover it for you! We also correct fee's and recover a significant amount of "found" items that are then returned to your sellable inventory, with no extra charge!

Our audit software and algorithms identify candidates for reimbursement. Our claim professionals then review these potential claims and submit them in line with Amazon's Terms of Service. The claims we submit are well researched and we always follow up if Amazon has questions or require additional information. If Amazon requires supporting documentation, we will reach out to you. Apart from that, it's all set and forget!

A retrospective audit (past 18 months) is started within one business day of your registration. Businesses typically see their first reimbursements within 48 hours.

We track all cases we submit and only charge commission on successful reimbursements we have claimed. We do not charge commission on found items, reimbursements that Amazon pay automatically or claims that you make yourself.

We analyze your seller account data and claim reimbursements for a wide range of discrepancies and mistakes. These fall into 5 main categories:

  • Inbound shipments (receiving discrepancies, carrier lost and damaged)
  • Warehouse (lost, damaged and destroyed)
  • Customer Returns (missing, incorrectly charged, etc.)
  • Fees
  • Removals

Our teams of developers and Amazon claims experts constantly monitor Amazon's reimbursement policies and data to identify new reimbursement opportunities, this ensures you receive every reimbursement and cost saving possible.

Unlike some service providers that only audit a few times a year or draw-out the claims submission, at RefundPros your seller account is audited regularly on an ongoing basis and claims are submitted promptly. The frequency depends on the type of reimbursement; we aim to find and submit claims as soon as they become eligible.

We currently support US, Mexican, Canadian and Australian Marketplaces. We are extending coverage to other Marketplaces, so please reach out if this applies to you.

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We only charge a commission on reimbursements that we have claimed and successfully recovered for you. There are no subscription fees. We don't charge a fee for missing inventory that we have found and has been returned to your sellable inventory. Commission starts at 25% and is negotiable for high volume sellers.

We invoice every 2 weeks. If you would like to have your invoices paid automatically you can register a credit card via our secure payment platform (Stripe). Alternatively we can send invoices to be paid via cheque or bank transfer.

There is no software to download. RefundPros is a cloud-based, web service and will work with any web browser and desktop or mobile device. You can review your savings and the work we are doing for you at any time, wherever you are.

Yes. You can cancel at any time. Just notify us via email or phone.

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Other Questions

Glad you asked! Here's why:

  • We develop relationships with our customers and have a dedicated customer support team that will address any question or concern you have.
  • We understand the importance of maintaining a good relationship with Amazon and comply with all of their Terms of Service
  • We recognize that you need to protect sensitive data from Amazon (e.g. supplier information). We take care to protect your sensitive information when submitting claims to Amazon.
  • And of course our results...which speak for themselves!

You provide a limited access user account for your Seller Central account when you register. The permissions you grant are only those that we require to generate reports, submit reimbursement claims and monitor the results of these claims.

No. We take special measures to protect your seller account and ensure that we comply with all of Amazon's Terms of Service.

  • Our claims are always properly researched - we have an extremely high claim success rate.
  • We do not submit too many claims at once
  • We wait the number of days required by Amazon before submitting a claim. This ensures that you don't pay commission on reimbursements that you would otherwise receive automatically.

Yes, we use advanced data encryption (128 and 256-bit SSL encryption and OAuth2.0 authentication) to store your information. The account access that you grant to us is protected by a strong password and Amazon's 2-step authentication.

RefundPros will not sell, trade, distribute or otherwise divulge your information or data to outside parties unless legally required to do so. Your data will only be stored and used for the purpose of providing the RefundPros Marketplace Auditing service.

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