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Claiming late shipment refunds in-house is a frustrating and time-consuming task. The carriers' online services do not make it easy to find eligible shipments and submitting claims is a lengthy process! It's easy to miss eligible claims, to miss deadlines, or to submit ineligible claims for which you can be penalized.

At RefundPros, we make it simple. Our advanced software tools and trained staff efficiently identify eligible shipments, submit claims on your behalf, and ensure you receive the refunds you deserve from your carrier.

Yes. Our system is designed to handle very large shipment volumes.

We use sophisticated, secure cloud-based software and databases that scale to meet the needs of any business. Your refund data is backed-up regularly and our software is deployed on Microsoft cloud servers that guarantee virtually 100% 'up-time'.

No. You are entitled to claim refunds from your carrier.

Carriers provide a late shipment delivery guarantee, but it's your responsibility to identify eligible shipments for refunds. We automate that claiming process, ensuring you can effortlessly claim what you deserve.

In fact, we often see carriers responding to large refund claims and improving your service. It's a great way to hold them accountable and maintain the levels of service you sought in the first place.


Many high-volume shippers use carrier services without a waiver and enjoy late shipment refunds of up to 20%. And even those businesses with an existing waiver can negotiate a late shipment refund arrangement with their carriers (e.g. refunds paid when shipments are 2, 3 or more days late).

Don't let your carrier representative convince you that a refund waiver is "normal procedure" and be careful that a waiver is not introduced without you noticing when you renew your annual contract.

If you would like advice or assistance with your contract renegotiation, we are here for you.

No. Deliveries that are late due to exceptional circumstances like the wrong address or extreme weather conditions will not be eligible for a refund. Only services that offer an 'On-time Delivery Guarantee' are eligible for a refund if they are delivered late (e.g. Canada Post Priority, Xpresspost and Expedited Parcel).

We audit most carrier accounts daily and carriers usually credit refunds to your account the next day. Very occasionally (for smaller shippers) refunds are sent via post and can take up to 2 or 3 weeks.

Carriers will only refund the original shipper. However, you could use the refunds to compensate customers for late shipments, or use the reduction in shipping costs to give preferential shipping rates to all customers!

Yes, we do!

It is included with your RefundPros account when you sign up with your carrier(s).

You decide when and what claims you would like us to handle. After submitting a claim through our pre-filled form on your RefundPros account, our claim specialists take over the claim submission to the carrier and follow up with them until there is a resolution. You can submit claims for Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, and UPS all in one place.

Regular commission rates are only applied to confirmed, refunded claims. If the package ends up being found and delivered to your customer, there is no commission charge!

Our results show that on average you can expect to see about 12% of your shipment costs refunded. This depends on many factors including the type of service, the time of year, the type, value, and volume of your shipments.

Customers often won't complain when shipments are a little late (1-2 days) so this is not a good indication of your eligibility for refunds. Your carrier won't tell you either. RefundPros audits your carrier data regularly and claims every refund you are entitled to, you won't miss any.

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No. 100% of the money refunded is paid directly to you by the carrier, usually as a credit to your account.

RefundPros does not impose or a minimum term for the refunds service. You can cancel your RefundPros account at any time by sending an email to

Yes. RefundPros employs industry standard security techniques that include 128 and 256-bit SSL encryption and OAuth2.0 authentication for all of its web services and applications. All sensitive information is encrypted and stored securely.

Your carrier usernames and passwords are encrypted the moment you submit them to our system. They are only decrypted when they are used so they remain completely secure at all times. Our internal systems and procedures ensure that your information can only be accessed via authenticated processes and cannot be used for any purpose other than processing refunds.

RefundPros will not sell, trade, distribute or otherwise divulge your information or data to outside parties unless legally required to do so. Your information and shipping data will only be stored and used for the purpose of providing the RefundPros service.


RefundPros will audit your carrier accounts and claim all refunds you are eligible for, then your carriers will credit the refunds to you directly, that's it!

Yes, the RefundPros system provides a simple and intuitive reporting suite, making it easy to review your shipment and refund information across all devices.

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Other Questions

Yes, RefundPros is owned by SMC Software Inc. which is a registered Canadian company based in B.C. We are proud to serve businesses across all of North America.

Yes, we do. Please view our Affiliate Program page to learn more.

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