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Sync Your Amazon Seller Account With RefundPros

It only takes a few minutes:

Do it Yourself: Register with RefundPros here and then follow the simple instructions to link your accounts.

Let us Help: Book a time here and we'll happily walk you through the registration.

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Your Seller Account Is Audited

RefundPros' sophisticated auditing software analyzes your Amazon data to find your reimbursements and missing inventory.

Our software identifies potential reimbursements at every step of the FBA cycle:

  • Inventory that is lost or damaged en route to Amazon and discrepancies when it is received and counted.
  • Inventory that is lost, damaged and destroyed as it moves around and between warehouses.
  • Customer orders and returns that are missing or incorrectly charged.
  • Incorrect Amazon fees and accounting errors.
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Cases Are Submitted To Amazon For Reimbursement

Our Case Managers review the audit results and submit valid, well researched cases to Amazon on your behalf. They also track unanswered cases and respond to questions Amazon raises. Where necessary they reach out to you for additional information. Our Case Managers have submitted thousands of claims and know how to get the best possible results for you.

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You Get Paid!

Watch your bottom line grow whilst you focus on developing your business. Your reimbursements go straight to your Amazon account and found items are returned directly to your sellable inventory. Simple, intuitive reporting within your RefundPros account keeps you informed of cases submitted, reimbursements paid, and units found.