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You Sign-Up

is simple and only takes 2 minutes. You just need your carrier username and password to complete the sign-up form.

There is no software to download or install and your information is stored securely using the latest encryption and security technologies.

After sign-up you receive an email confirming your registration and RefundPros begins tracking your shipments and auditing your invoices. RefundPros will send you an email as soon as your first refund claims have been processed.

There is nothing more for you to do. Just focus on your business and decide how to put your refund dollars to work.

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We Audit Your Shipments

RefundPros' state of the art software identifies your late shipments, cancellations and errors. Then our trained refund specialists and operations teams follow through to ensure you receive your refunds.

You can sign-in to your RefundsPros account at any time and use the Refunds page to view the current status and history of your claims. You'll love the simple, clear reporting that can be viewed on any phone, tablet or desktop device.

The reports page provides a suite of friendly, comprehensive graphs and reports that make it easy to understand your shipping and refund data. You can use these reports to inform your shipping decisions and improve your carrier negotiations.

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You Receive Your Refunds

Refunds are confirmed by your carrier and credited directly to your account or sent via a check in the mail.

Every two weeks RefundPros invoice you for the refunds that have been confirmed and credited to your carrier account. You can view the Invoices page to see a detailed breakdown of each invoice and easily cross-check the information with your own shipment records. It really couldn't be easier!

RefundPros makes life simple and generates significant savings on your shipping costs. and put RefundPros to work for you.