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The Problem

  • Not all FBA reimbursements are paid automatically.
  • Reimbursements are buried in Amazon's data and reporting.
  • Claiming reimbursements is time consuming and complex.
  • Amazon makes it difficult to get back what you're owed.
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The Solution

  • Regular Amazon marketplace audits with our proprietary software will help you identify every reimbursement you should receive.
  • In-house Amazon Account Audit Service opens your cases and follows up with Amazon to ensure your reimbursements get paid.
  • The only fee is a share in the reimbursements we recover for you!
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The Benefits

  • Your FBA costs reduce and your profit margins increase.
  • You receive reimbursements, incorrect fees are resolved and inventory is found.
  • We take care of your Amazon FBA Seller Account Audit, while you focus on using the reimbursement $'s to grow your business!

Get started in less than 2 minutes!

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Sign-up in 2 minutes using the simple & secure registration page.

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RefundPros audits your seller Account and recovers your reimbursements.

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Amazon credits your reimbursements to your account.

Move The Robot To See How Much You Save

Your reimbursements:

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Amazon Warehouse

The calculator shows reimbursements worth 1-3% of your FBA revenue.

How RefundPros Saves You Time And Money

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RefundPros logo
Technology and People

Advanced software combined with reimbursement experts provide a winning team you can trust.

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Highest Levels Of Security

Outside parties cannot gain access to your data or Seller accounts. Your privacy and security is our highest priority.

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All Reimbursements Covered

We recover: Lost & damaged; Inbound and outbound shipping; Fee and accounting errors; Customer returns.

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Increasing your Profits

Businesses typically receive 1-3% of their annual Amazon revenue in reimbursements!

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Amazon Logo
Amazon TOS Compliant

Processes and procedures that comply with Amazon's Terms of Service. Your account is safe with RefundPros.

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Intuitive & Transparent Reporting

Easily reconcile your invoices, see cases submitted, reimbursements paid and units found.